Software Outsourcing

Perfection is a continuous venture

If you are looking for a time-tested experienced team that you can solidly depend on for your software development projects, you have found them.

Experience of a Lifetime

We’ll,  since 1999. Which is a lifetime in computer speak. We have been working as software outsourcing partners for many international independent software vendors and development teams since 1999. During this time the world has changed is many ways, for good and for worse. But our clients have continued to put their trust in our services and we have done our best not to disappoint them.


The secret to success for any project is clear and exact communication. All of our team members have formal degrees in Computer Science, taught in English. Over the many years of working with US-based teams, we have come to understand the slangs and colloquial meanings of different jargons. We communicate frequently over email with our clients, with occasional contact via Skype and phone calls. Most of the project management is handled on Basecamp, in addition to any other project management tool the client subscribes to.

The Ability to Say ‘No’

Our success over the years has depended on us learning to say ‘no’, as much as it has depended on us saying ‘yes’. Which means we only commit to delivering a project using tool, technologies, and business domain, within a timeframe and cost that we can realistically commit to.


In many cases we ‘inherit’ projects done by other teams, and then perfect them. The rest becomes history. When clients’ business needs demanded that we move their projects from technology to technology, we moved with them. When our clients required that we create web versions of their client/server products, we adapt and perfect our teams to deliver web applications. And when they request mobile versions, our team take up the challenge and deliver apps that are acclaimed by experts (one of the apps we developed was featured at the WWDC 2014 (12:50) as an example of how to do things right).

Partnership Projects

We also take on projects on a revenue-sharing basis. If you have a great project idea that needs to be developed and deployed in a market you have access to, we’d be happy to evaluate it.