SalahForFalah™ Version 2.2.3

This is a maintenance release with one major fix and an addition:

  • Fixed alarms feature (Available Via In-App Purchase) which was broken with iOS 8.x
  • Added eight new alarm sounds

SalahForFalah™ Version 2.2.2

This is a maintenance release with one major additon:

  • Added Arabic language localization
  • Corrected a problem with manual location settings
  • Eliminated a nagging server error message in the mosques location area

SalahForFalah™ Version 2.2

Changes in this version:

  • Added support for iOS 7
  • Minor bug fixes and UI changes

SalahForFalah™ Version 2.1.1

This is a minor release with bug fixes mainly. A new feature added is the display of list of alarms set by the app.

SalahForFalah™ Version 2.1

This is a major release with new features:

General Enhancements

  • Added support for larger display on iPhone 5
  • Added preference to disable the compass functionality (e.g. in case of constant magnetic interference)
  • Added preference to show either Gregorian or Hijri date
  • Added functionality to see “time remaining for prayer” when prayer times are tapped

Voluntary Fasting Alarms (available via In-App purchase)

Added support for fasting alarms. Alarms can now be set for voluntary fasting on:

  • All Mondays and Thursdays except in Ramadan
  • 13-15 of each lunar month except Ramadan
  • 9 and 10 of Muharram
  • 1-9 of Dhu al-Hijja
  • No alarms will be set for 1 Shawal and 10-13 Dhu al-Hijja


  • Added support for “Restore Purchases”
  • Some minor tweaks and improvements

SalahForFalah™ Version 2.0

This is a major release with new features:

Mosque Locator

  • Find the location of all mosques in your vicinity with a single tap
  • Search other locations you intend to travel to and save them as a bookmark

Prayer Alarms (available via In-App purchase)

  • Set prayer alarms to remind you of prayer timings
  • Set separate alarm for Friday prayers, replacing Zuhr alarm on a Friday
  • Set alarms relative to prayer start time, specially useful for Fajr and Maghrib prayers
  • Choose the default alarm sound or choose from four custom sounds
  • Built-in demo video explains working of Alarms feature in detail


The compass behaved erratically when used very near to Masjid-al-Haram. The compass is now disabled if user location is within 300-meters of Masjid-al-Haram (21.422522, 39.826190).

SalahForFalah™ Version 1.3

This is another maintenance release, it fixes a crash issue in iOS 4.3.2.

SalahForFalah™ Version 1.2

This is a maintenance release, fixing a number of bugs that were reported. The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Fixed crash issue for iOS 4.3
  • Fixed bug related to switching from manual location to automatic location
  • Fixed UI alignment issue on iPod touch

SalahForFalah™ Version 1.1

Changes in this version:

  • Updated and tested on iOS4
  • Updated the prayer timings calculation algorithm
  • Support for manually selecting a location, with a built-in database of over 22,000 cities
  • Support for adding a custom location
  • Support for Retina Display
  • Fixed a bug that would freeze the compass dial under certain conditions
  • Some interface tweaks