Manual Locations

On some occasions, such as when your device does not any network access, SalahForFalah™ may not be able to detect your location automatically. If this is the case, you can switch-off the Automatic Locations checkbox on the Settings tab and set your location manually.

Manually Setting Your Location

SalahForFalah™ allows users to manually select their location, which is useful if your device does not, or is unable to, support Location Services. If this is the case, please follow the steps outlined below to manually set your location:

  • Switch Automatic Location Off – Automatic Location is on as a default. Switch it off to manually select your location.
  • Tap on the Empty Location Row – Tap on the empty Location row to see a list of locations to select from.
  • Search and Select Your Location – Search your city from a built-in database of over 22,000 cities and location. Tap on a location to select it as your current location. You will only be able to select locations that are in the same timezone as your device’s date and time. SalahForFalah™ automatically detects and adjusts for daylight time saving.

View and Edit Location Details

You can also view and edit settings for any location.

Adding a Custom Location

In case your location is not listed in our extensive database, you can add a custom location by tapping on the Add button.