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Qiblah Direction

SalahForFalah is a simple and convenient tool for Muslims to determine prayer timings and Qiblah direction* from their current location.

The user-interface is designed to be unobtrusive and without distractions, so the focus remains on prayer timing and direction. Wherever** they are, SalahForFalah automatically determines the location of users and calculates the prayer timings, based on the preferences set.

Compass showing Qiblah direction

Compass showing Qiblah direction

It then guides the users to rotate the mobile device until it aligns itself with the direction of the Qiblah at their location.

Compass showing direction to rotate for Qiblah

Compass showing direction to rotate for Qiblah

A user-friendly color-coded compass ring indicates how far away is the device from the direction of the Qiblah. Further away is indicated by dark grey, while the color fades into shades of green as the device is rotated to point to the Qiblah. The color-coded ring then becomes bright green to indicate a lock-on with the Qiblah direction.

Prayer Timings

Prayer Timings

Prayer timings are available on the same screen as the Qiblah direction for ease of use and a ready-reference.

Prayer time

Prayer time

Time for sunrise is also indicated to mark end of time for the morning prayers. A current-prayer-bar indicates which prayer should currently be offered.

Remaining prayer time

Remaining prayer time

Tapping the current prayer’s time momentarily displays the remaining time for that prayer. If less than 20-minutes remain, the remaining time is displayed in Red color.

Mosque Locater

Mosque Locator

A simple mosque locator searches for all mosques in the vicinity and displays them on a map. A location search capability allows searching for locations and the mosques in their vicinity, and bookmarking them for easy look-up.

Hijri Calendar

Hijri Calendar

Users have the option to display dates using either the Hijri or the Gregorian calendar.


Prayer and Voluntary Fasting Alarms

(Available Via In-App Purchase)

An elegant Alarms feature allows setting of alarms for each prayer.

A separate alarm can be set for the Friday prayer, which will alert user for Friday prayer time instead of Zuhr on that day. Alarm for each prayer can be set either for an exact time or relative to the prayer start time.

Prayer alarms

Prayer alarms

For example, a user would want to the set alarm for Zuhr prayer for a fixed time, if Zuhr prayer is offered at the same time each day. But for Maghrib prayer, users would want to set the alarm relative to the Maghrib prayer start time. The Alarms feature lets user set alarms relative to start time of a prayer. The alarm time then changes every day with the change in the time of prayer.

Fasting Alarms can be enabled in preferences. Once enabled, alarm will sound a specified number of hours before Fajr prayer.

Fasting alarms setting

Fasting alarms setting

Alarms are set for all Mondays and Thursdays except in Ramadan, 13-15 of each lunar month except Ramadan, 9 and 10 of Muharram, and 1-9 of Dhu al-Hijja. No alarms are set for 1 Shawal and 10-13 Dhu al-Hijja.

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While calculated prayer timings are a good indicator of when to offer prayers, they are in no way a substitute of observing the sun position and the light in the sky for determining the timing of prayers. The times of the prayers were mentioned by the Prophet (PBUH) in the hadeeth: “The time for Zuhr is from when the sun has passed its zenith and a man’s shadow is equal in length to his height, until the time for Asr comes. The time for Asr lasts until the sun turns yellow. The time for Maghrib lasts until the twilight has faded. The time for Isha lasts until midnight. The time for Fajr prayer lasts from the beginning of the pre-dawn so long as the sun has not yet started to rise.” [Muslim, 612]

* Qiblah direction is only supported on devices that have a built-in compass. For devices without a compass, the SalahForFalah compass ring can be used to determine the Qiblah direction in conjunction with an external compass.

** SalahForFalah cannot determine prayer timings at high latitude locations. Also, compass is disabled if user location is within 300-meters of Masjid-al-Haram (21.422522, 39.826190).

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