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Quran Presenter™

Experience the true power of emotional Quran recitations on your iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®. The Quran Presenter™ presents the Quran, verse-by-verse, in Arabic and with translation. With a unique shuttle/jog interface, navigating through the verses of the Quran is easy. Easily accessible menus allows you to search and select Surahs.

If you don’t understand Arabic, your experience will be just as wonderful with the aid of  many available translations. Displaying one verse at a time, the Quran Presenter™ allows you to focus on one verse at a time, making sure that each word touches your heart.

The app is compatible with AirPlay® for viewing on large screen using high-fidelity sound system. Perfect for projectors and TVs.

A Great Teaching Tool

Do you have any children who find it difficult to understand and read the Quran? Do you teach Quran to beginners? Are you a beginner yourself? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you will love this app. The large text and simple design make it a great teaching tool for the classroom and at home, especially with AirPlay® compatibility. Quran Presenter™ uses intuitive shuttle-jog navigation, so you can jump from verse to verse, and a menu allows you jump directly to a Surah you want to have recited. If you find something to ponder upon, or get back to later, you can bookmark it, and write down a note with it.


  • Unique single-verse presentation of Quran with translation
  • Single-verse presentation effectively communicates reciter’s emotions
  • Intuitive shuttle-jog navigation
  • Eight backgrounds to select from
  • Option to view Arabic on top with translation below, and vice-versa
  • Option to view Arabic only, or translation only
  • Option to repeat a verse or a Surah
  • Bookmark a verse with notes for quick navigation to a verse
  • ‘Play’ Surahs without sound for self-recitation, or for reading the translation
  • Compatible with AirPlay®
  • This is an ads-free app


  • Muhammad Al Mohisni
  • Mishary bin Rashid al-Afasy

Both the high-quality sound recitations (128-Kbps) and standard quality sound recitations (16-kbps) are now available for FREE.


  • Abdullah Yusuf Ali (English)
  • Mohsin Khan (English)
  • Muhammad Habib Shakir (English)
  • Saheeh International (English)
  • Jalandhry (Urdu)
  • Chinese (King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex)

Work on adding more reciters and translations is underway.

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