Good Company

You should be in good company

Why Us?

At Jin Technologies, we believe in providing growth and learning opportunities to everyone, from an Intern to a Senior Team Member. It is our aim to provide our team members with a career path, with ample growth opportunities to learn and work in the latest technologies. Our workplaces are smoke-free, relaxed, comfortable, informal, and yet professional. Team members enjoy our accelerated appreciation program with quarterly performance reviews, profit sharing scheme, liberal medical compensation, need-based leave plan, executive development & training program, and flexible working hours.


At Jin Technologies, we provide you with the training and opportunity to work in different technologies such as ASP.NET, C++, C#, PHP, 4D, iOS and Android. At our workplace, creativity, discussion and new ideas are encouraged. With us, people can experience a true performance-based career and opportunities to work on different emerging technologies and perform in diverse business scenarios.


  • Since 1991, we have been around for a while, Alhumdulillah!
  • Designing and producing software for the best names in the world
  • Frequent increments based on performance, with competitive salary package
  • Flexible medical compensation policy, not restricted to a few family members
  • Training and professional-development opportunities
  • Quarterly performance reviews, we’ll tell how it is, and give you the opportunity to (ap)praise us frequently
  • When we make a profit, we distribute within the team. When we don’t, we don’t.
  • Lunch cannot be better than with us, or cheaper. With a choice of four food outlets to order from daily, and no limit on the order (yeah, you pay for the half of it), you can have a party everyday.
  • There are no deductions on leaves, which are always need-based.
  • You can work your own hours, but you will need to settle that within the schedule of the team you are working with.
  • Open-hall, well-lit workplaces, where everyone get equal desk-space, regardless of seniority and designation.
  • Partial transport cost reimbursements for female team members.
  • Striving for a halal business, always ready to hear about our shortcomings and ready to rectify our mistakes.