About Us

From the roof of the world… Baltoro Glacier, Pakistan

Jin Technologies Private Limited is an application development and software outsourcing services company based in Pakistan. We have two offices, one in Islamabad and the other in Multan. Our team size is around 40 team members. The company was established in 1991, and we have been working with our clients in the USA as software development outsourcing partners since 1999.

Current Projects

Currently we are working on the following projects:

  • Ad agency management System
  • ERP for book publishing businesses
  • Equestrian event management system
  • Industrial auction management system
  • Dentist office management system
  • Online course-ware delivery system
  • Point-of-sales management system

Tools and Platforms

We have experience of working on a wide variety of tools and platforms. Currently we are employing the following tools and platforms for our projects: